1. When should we book our wedding?

I only take on 10-15 weddings a year so I can put my focus on YOU and your special day. SO, as soon as you find your venue and make a date, I'd book! 

2. Can we meet? 

Why yes, please! If you are not local I'd love to meet up via Skype or FaceTime date. If you happen to be visiting and your wedding is in the valley, I'd love to meet you before the actual wedding. If you are local, let's get a cocktail or coffee! Know that I am in contact with you the minute you book until well after your wedding day.

3. Do you back up? 

This is a GREAT question! I have heard WAY to many horror stories of photographers loosing their clients photographs. {WHAT IN THE WORLD!?}  NEVER would I let that happen. I back up my cards, my hard drives (twice in fact!). I have backup cameras and gear, I have back up photographers. I do everything in my power to make sure you get what you are spending your hard earned money on! 

4. Do you travel?

 Yes indeed! And to make that more of a possibility, I just revamped my travel package to make it easy peasy to book me for where ever your heart desires to capture your day. Let's go adventure together! 

5. What payment do you take? 

I can take check, cash, venmo or credit card but when paying by credit, I do have to add on 3%. I ask for 50% down when you book to save the date. Then ask for the balance a couple weeks before the wedding. (Same with portrait shoots, but I can take balance the day of session.)

please let me know if you have others that I don't cover here!