Girls on the trail- Whitefish Trails

This summer I had the opportunity to teach a class to some really amazing teens for the Girls On the Trail program for the Whitefish Trails. I’ve never considered myself a teacher, so I have to admit I was a bit intimidated to say the least… but boy did I have fun! Their enthusiasm, spirit and talent made all those worries go away. Some photographed with their phones, some had DSLR’s, & some point and shoots. I talked mostly on how photography should be fun and told them to not worry so much about the “rules”. Creativity is where it’s at! I left feeling a feeling I had felt when I first started photography. A feeling of looking at EVERYTHING as a photo. One of the girls was doing the same and reminded me of me at her age. The way she shared her thanks by telling me that she felt that passion for photography now, floored me and warmed my heart.

Thanks for the opportunity, Whitefish Legacy! It was so wonderful to see this community and the AMAZING younger generations we have. It renewed my already positive idea of how younger generations can and WILL change the world!

Go on, get your creativity on! And get outdoors! We are so lucky to have access to so many trails here, this community is really just astounding.


lindsey gardnerComment