Skydive LOVE

Josh contacted me about a month ago saying that he and his girlfriend were doing a two month vacation around the country and their last spot was going to be Montana. He then said Montana is where he wanted to propose and better yet, after a sky dive! I was ecstatic not only because come on, talk about romance, but the sky dive land is literally kiddy corner to my house.

We made a plan. He was so good about being SO discreet and telling Kel they needed gas (when they really didn’t) to give me a call, etc. So the day before the shoot was scheduled, I am STUCK in Vermont after a wedding I shot there. Literally STUCK in the airport. I was trying not to panic. I sent a photographer friend a message, asking if she could fill in for me if I didn’t make it home on time. And I messaged Josh and he rescheduled the jump for a bit later to buy me some more time. After an 8 hour delay in the Burlington airport, I made it to Chicago at 11pm. Slept a few hours and hopped on a plane at 6am back to Montana. I MADE IT! Thank the powers that be! The wind picked up here though and I had an elopement at 6pm in West Glacier. The dive was rescheduled for 4:30 and it happened. Whew!

It was the most amazing proposal I have captured to date. My adrenaline was pumping just as much as theirs. Kel was surprised… but had a feeling. But man can’t you feel the love and excitement in her expressions? I LOVED how she got down on her knees as well. She didn’t even know I was there capturing it all until way after the proposal. I LOVE THIS LOVE!!!

I have to say, I sure “fell” in love with this couple. Next up their engagement session in Many Glacier.


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