Cloudy with 100% chance of LOVE

From the moment Kevin laid eyes on Jaime playing the piano - he was completely smitten. Fortunately, his love was not unrequited, and these two fell head over heels for each other. Even with deep roots in their hometown of Butte, this incredibly sweet, hardworking couple decided to make their love official with an intimate elopement just outside of Glacier National Park.

Even though it was early - and cold - these two lovebirds warmed the air with energy between them! Throughout the entire ceremony, Kevin gazed at Jamie the way just about every woman longs for. It’s easy to tell that he only has eyes for her! And the way Jamie’s face lit up as they exchanged vows? Priceless!

After their “I do’s” they drove up to Logan Pass and celebrated their newlywed status in the rain. Whether they were gazing out over Heaven’s peak from the West Tunnel on Going to the Sun road or frolicking in a field of flowers - Jamie and Kevin personified what it means when people say “Love is walking in the rain…together.”

Congratulations, J + K! We are so excited for everything the future holds for you and your family!


The Elope Montana Team

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