Eric and Molly- Maternity

Ok… try, just TRY not to smile looking at this session. They are just too cute for words!!! (& funny small world story- at the end of the session I was asking if they’ve announced the pregnancy yet- just because I like to post a sneak peek on Instagram. I was like, “well I’m sure that no one that you know follows me”, as they live in Seattle. Eric says, well actually Courtney does… and I said Courtney who and OF COURSE I know her! We used to wait tables together at the Craggy Range! I just love small world connections. She messaged me and said how fun it was to thinking of our worlds colliding.

Your little guy is going to be one blessed little boy! You two are fresh air! And we also saw a bighorn sheep off the side of Going to the Sun road, but we didn’t crash or do anything silly… if you are up to date on current events, you will get what I’m saying.