WILD coffee shop & so much more

I remember the first slow drip coffee I had in NYC with my mom and my sister. It was AMAZING, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the hipster pouring it… he looked bored out of his mind. I have a Chemex coffee maker at home but RARELY use it. Only really for special (solo) occasions do I make myself a slow drip. We tend to just do our french press as it’s faster, makes a decent amount of coffee, and is good. Now, I feel like I need to donate my Chemex, much thanks to WILD Coffee Company. They have slow drip makers that are really pretty fast and so dang tasty! I can’t get enough of the Ethiopian blend…. ok, enough coffee talk- but really some more …

WILD COFFEE COMPANY ROCKS! Not only do they have slow drip, but amazing espresso’s, the most drool worthy patstries from Cere’s bakery, and my new obsession- biscuit sammies… oh my. SO GOOD. Fresh juices and grab and go salads are another much appreciated and loved thing.

They also have a kid friendly play area (SO needed in Whitefish), a comfy couch and tons of seats with plugs. The atmosphere is friendly, SO easy on the eyes and they have amazing gifts and product for sale. There is so much to love about WILD, but most of all, I love the owners. They inspire me to keep going on this entrepreneurship journey. It’s a WILD and scary one, but whenever I think I can’t do it, I look at all that Sam and Marisa have created with 3 kids… and I say, I CAN DO IT TOO! YES I CAN!


Here’s to creatives and kick ass businesses opening to support this killer community we have!