The most exciting proposal

How to even begin...

Danny contacted me 3-4 months ago saying that he and his boyfriend Chris were headed to Montana for their friends wedding and that he was planning on proposing to him. (awesome! my fave!) So we put a plan into play figuring out the best place and how to do it secretly. Two weeks before the date we had planned, I got an email from a mutual friend who said that Chris was planning on proposing to Danny! We brainstormed ways to keep it a secret to both, but she said she would try to persuade Chris to do it AFTER our plan. 

I just kept thinking... we're going to have TWO rings!!! So exciting! And also that what will be, will be and I need to let it play out although I was a nervous wreck he was gonna do it before Danny. 

So the wedding weekend gets here and I get updates from Danny on what they've been doing. Sunday evening rolls around and I get news of the Howe Ridge fire starting and Going to the Sun road being closed... exactly where we were planning on him proposing. So I send him a text and say we need a plan B. In the morning I get a message from him saying that he had the most magical evening, and that Chris proposed. His excitement was ecstatic and my heart was so happy for him. We decided to still meet up (now new location, the exact where Chris proposed) and do engagement photos. We re-created their moment (with TWO rings!) and drank rose on the shores of Pray Lake.

It was perfect- just how it was meant to be. Chris had made a video of the proposal unbeknownst to Danny at the time, and it's so moving. So with their permission, I'm sharing that since I didn't get to capture it with my camera. It's really just the sweetest thing and makes my heart skip a beat. It's super intimate and moving. (just an fyi if you're in public, you may shed a tear!)

You two... I had SO much fun with you. Your energy, kindness, and hearts were a breath of fresh air for me. I feel like I made two new friends for life and feel so honored to have captured this love of yours! Love you both! I could have stayed up all evening talking with you two. 


The proposal (the real one)

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