My Wildflower

This was a ROUGH day. Ruby just kept falling and crying... and then we were in the garage and all of a sudden she started SCREAMING (and this girl could scream for horror films.) A big metal bar had fallen on her foot. I was worried. I thought maybe it broke a bone in her foot because she was not stopping. Crying all the big girl tears she had in her. After about 15 minutes, (not exaggerating), she calmed down enough for me to have a look. A huge spot on her foot was bruised, already. We snuggled for the next hour and I was terrified she wouldn't be able to walk on it. I looked out and saw my beautiful flowers growing in our trough by the barn, so I thought, let's go play in the dirt! 

She had SO much fun throwing the dirt in the air, "smelling" the flowers, and getting filthy. It took her mind off the pain and she stood on her foot! I use the power of distraction A LOT in parenting. She has been more than a handful lately, but her fun personality helps me to remember that her strong spirit is going to a great thing for her. If I can just keep MY cool! Ha!


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