Solitude- it's good for the SOUL

As I stood in this gorgeous field filled with wildflowers in Glacier National Park, this song from my younger days kept popping in my head. An Edie Brickell song, oh how I adore(d) her! 



“I’m glad no one’s here, just me by the sea” and of course I always think of Tom Petty and Wildflowers. 

Although I wasn’t by the sea, I was still glad to have some solitude in such a beautiful place. It was just what my soul was needing. A drive down winding dirt roads listening to Simon and Garfunkel. A walk in the peaceful woods with the birds singing away. I sang my heart out to myself as I was the only car in the lot for the trailhead. (and of course has camera, tripod & bear spray on my person). I reminisced about my early days in the park. Exploring solo sometimes (but being frightened out of my mind as I once turned a corner and a black bear was 10 feet from me… this is when I started to sing sing sing when alone and hiking.) Late drives over Going the Sun road after fun trips to see Addie when she was working for the park service. Backpacking to some of the most AMAZING places (& still having the fear of bears ALL NIGHT LONG in my tent). Getting lost on trails when there was still snow, but finding our way. The promise of a good meal and beer at the end of a long day exploring. 


Oh how I love GNP. And man do I miss the days that I had the freedom to go when I wanted. But I love the promise that I can always do it again… maybe just a few years down the line. My hope is that my kids will get to adventure with me and have the passion and love of this beautiful, magical world we are surrounded by. What a fun afternoon of scouting and soaking in the beauty of nature, music & solitude. 



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