Fleur = Heaven {brand shoot}

Oh how I love this little bakery! I've been pretty obsessed with baked goods as far back as I can remember. My parents used to walk down to our little bake shop, The Dainty Pastry, every Saturday and bring us home a treat. Nostalgic for sure.

So, when I learned of this new French bake shop, I was elated! I went in and fell in love deep with my first bite of aBasque cake. And then the macarons, and then her cakes! Whitney is the baker and owner and is one talented and LOVELY woman! I just adore her and she sweet small shop. When she asked me to do some shots inside the shop of her goods, I jumped at the opportunity. She's using them for her new website and I can't wait to see and was beyond happy to help. She's put so much love and thought not only into her baked goods but the design and decor of the shop. True artist. True pastry chef. 

If you are local and haven't tried her amazing baked goodness yet, I suggest you do! And if your a bride and groom looking for the PERFECT wedding cake (both stunning and tasty!) - look no further! Whitney, Jen & Jane are so friendly and accommodating, stop in and say hello... and grab an extra treat for yourself for making it through this MASSIVE winter! TREAT YO'SELF to amazingness!


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