Our Funny Valentine Day session

This was our "try".  I think my kids have had a little too much camera time with these cold days and me determined to learn new things constantly- thus needing ready models. Anyhow, E came home from school a bit down and grumpy. I didn't want to force him, but also knew I really wanted them done! So he did it (after a bribe), but wasn't really into it. Which is TOTALLY fine. We still got a handful or treasures and that is all you need. (Parents: THE STRUGGLE IS REAL- but you will completely forget about it after seeing your photos that you will cherish for a lifetime!) These first few shots are me and RJ waiting for Kelli and the kids to arrive. She was having fun waiting and I was thankful for such a cute subject and some of my most favorites of her. 


The below are the beloved photos Kelli got... with grumpy Everett and all! I love and cherish these so. Can't wait to share my mini sessions! Thanks Kelli! So glad to be doing this again!

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