2018 tree hunt

Our annual Christmas Tree hunt at Ron’s. I’m very grateful for this place as just doing this proved to be a challenge of patience. Ruby was hiding and not telling me where she was on this trip… and then had a few fits. It’s so easy, you pull up, pick your PERFECT tree, cut it down, pay the sweet man($6/foot), and go home. Just down the road from us off of Dillion Road. We found the most beautiful ornamental tree! Said a little pray thanking it for it for letting us chop it down, then Ron told us it’s grown specifically for Christmas trees- so guilt free! When we arrived home I could tell we were going to have a doozy of a sunset. (blog on that later). We took our shot as a family (with my batteries out of my shutter release… always something), and put our tree up. For once it was Ruby not smiling and cooperating for photo… but I will take what I get.

Happy Holidays to you all! Look for lots of sweet family blogs to come. Enjoy this time together and remember your presence is more important than presents!


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