The sweetest/heartfelt renewal

I had the pleasure to 2nd shoot Matt and Shareen's wedding - 8 years ago. I did not know them at the time. Since I was 2nd shooting, I was with Matt and the boys and I remember falling smitten with the two of them, their friends and family. After that day, we got to know one another better, hang out more (kidless) and then (with kids). We formed an amazing friendship with our families and others, went camping with these families, had fun family dinners with these families. Made really awesome memories with family. Shareen and I also grew so close. I hold her as one my my dearest friends and appreciate her genuine spirit, love and kindness. She is one of the most beautiful lights and my most favorite person. 

Shareen and Matt decided that most of their friends that attended their wedding were Oregon friends... so they wanted to renew with their Whitefish friends/family as witnesses. They had seven "themes" to their renewal and asked seven friends to speak on them. Courage, Family, Community, Play, Joy, Adventure and Communication. Everyone spoke with such eloquence and love {not saying the same for me... but still enJOYed it... see what I did there? I spoke on JOY :) }. It was the most heart warming/tear generating ceremony. It was exceptionally emotional as the four of them recently sold their home in Whitefish are off to find new adventures... in our beloved Bambi that we sold them. I wouldn't/couldn't pass on Bambi to a better family than them. 

John (Shareen's Father) made everyone weep when at the end he hung feathers around their necks, attached with turquoise, and said, "the turquoise represents the sky, these two are going to fly". 

... they indeed are. The community is going to miss them so, but they are about to brighten up another community and will always live strong in our hearts and minds. Excited for fun visits to see the sweetest Springer crew and their now Bambi babe! 


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