Love on Bull Lake {Darcy&Paul Wedding}

As we were headed into Libby, getting closer to Bull Lake, we saw a huge fire on a nearby mountain. Tis' this fire season... But on Bull Lake, the smoke was not too bad and we were about to join the BEST celebration of love! This crew was amazing. Darcy's style was on point and her ladies were so colorful fun & beautiful. Paul and his lively, fly-tie wearing boys... and their "kid" Buster. Buster was the ring bearer, they had the SWEETEST little flower girl who did a beautiful job. It was a HOT one so after all the festivities were done, I heard a few whispers from some of the bridesmaids about a lake jump... HECK YES! 

Love, Laughter, Smiles, Friendships, Family, Tears of Joy and Jumping in the Bull Lake with their clothes on {and off}... what a love fest! {Paul jumped in in his "all you need is love" wedding day boxers & Darcy DID NOT jump in that gorgeous gown, just FYI!} We were so happy to have been there to capture it and felt the love. 

I wish you two so much love and spontaneous jumps in lakes all over the world! 


Wonderful Vendors

2nd photographer: Dolli Photography

Venue: The house on Bull Lake, Troy, Montana

Dress: The Dress Theory Seattle, Designer: Sarah Seven

Groom: Macy's

Caterer: Jackie Drake

Cake: Rosauers in Libby

Cupcakes: Joani Peterson (Mother of the bride)

Wedding Favor Treats: Emily Terrell

Table & Chair rentals: Libby Public Schools

Officiant: Michael McNiven

Floral Arrangements: Bridesmaids

Boutonnieres: Matt O'Toole @slaybrigade 

DJ: Dave Hall

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