The HIGH WIT of Meriwether

I was asked to help shoot some of the awesomeness that is MERIWETHER ! ! ! 

I absolutely love their store, I adore the owners/creators and employees, and our model was pretty awesome too! As my son would say, "there is a LOT of inappropriate stuff in that store", but hey, WE LOVE INAPPROPRIATE. I love my "let that shit go" coffee cup, and my son said, "hey, now I know how to spell shit!".... HA! 

It's creative, inventive and funny. That is something I can definitely back. Goodness knows, life can be tough and we ALL can use an extra laugh. Dream, laugh, smile, love and don't take it too seriously. LET THAT SHIT GO.  

If you have never checked out their store in downtown Whitefish, or are not in Whitefish, don't worry--- you can get their stuff online