This is Us {personal blog}

I make sure to get our family photos done once or twice a year. Not only because I think it's important my kiddos see ME in with them and they grow so quickly and I love to document moments, but because it reminds me of how stressful it can be preparing and doing an actual photo session. Also, it's challenging to see yourself in photos sometimes. Just like it is to hear your voice in recordings. I always picture myself differently. 

It's HARD you guys! I see that! It's a lot of pressure. What to wear? Where to do it? Have my kids had proper baths, haircuts, naps, snacks... etc. etc!? When I asked Marianne Wiest Photography to do our photos, she threw out a day and I said YES. I then called my hairdresser as I forgot to schedule my haircut last time I saw her (big mistake as she's always months out). BUT, it just so serendipitously ended up being on our scheduled photo date! So I was taken care of. Blow out and cut, but not my greys, but I'm learning to embrace that. 

Rj didn't nap this day. And she ALWAYS naps. So I figured we were in for some struggles. She was in the rarest form and by the end of the shoot, I felt defeated and thought we had nothing. E was having a tough time focussing and listening as well. But like I always tell my clients, you'll be surprised. And Marianne did the same, and I was so pleasantly surprised! With all her fits, I was tickled beyond belief at the results. The real us. This is us. On our land. In our home. All our loves. Thank you Marianne! We LOVE them! Fits MOST of all!