The Birth of Miss Holland Morrow

This was one of the most amazing experiences (besides my own children's births). We had talked about me shooting the entrance of Marya & Ben's daughter before hand. We decided to just stay in touch and sure enough, I forgot to say the ONE day that may not work for me... would be March 24, as it was my sons 7th birthday. That evening I got a call from Ben around 1:30 a.m. I was devastated because I wanted to make sure I was home for my son when he woke up on his big day.

So I texted Ben to see how close she was (because as many of you may know, babies don't always come when you want them to!) He said she was 8 cm and the Doctor thought she'd be making an entrance in the next couple hours. So I sprung out of bed, threw some clothes on, texted my husband not to worry if he woke up and I was not there. I drove to Kalispell and on the drive there I saw THE BIGGEST shooting star. I made a wish.

I got to the hospital and they were just about to have her start pushing. Marya (mama) was beyond strong, calm and funny! So sweet. She kept apologizing for this and that, which made us giggle as she had nothing to apologize for. Ben (daddy) was so supportive, sweet and attentive. The nurse and doctor were brilliant as well. Mama pushed through the contractions and about an hour and 1/2 after I arrived, out came Miss Holland! Face up! Tough mama! It was incredible.

The photos tell the story better than I can, so take a look. And my wish came true. I wished for Marya and Ben that baby and mama would be healthy and ok. ♡ So much love.  And I made it home to see my excited 7-year-old on his birthday! I will never forget E's 7th birthday! Love you guys so much and THANK YOU for having me capture such a special moment in your life. I'm a lucky lady. First, your wedding day then portraits... then the birth of your blessed, beautiful daughter.