Hawaii, you have 1/2 my heart /// Montana the other 1/2

I'm coming down from the biggest HIGH from my HI on Life Conference in Hawaii last week. It really was just what I needed. Inspiration, knowledge, down-time, sun & sun... did I say SUN?! Three other local photographers and I went and soon became known as the "Montana Girls". We took a few days before to sight-see, relax and play in the sun and sand. It was perfect. I learned so much from the talented photographers who spoke and learned a lot about me and my own photography and style. I also was turned onto SO much talent (a lot of our neighbor to the North's work) that I adore. 

I did a sunrise and sunset styled shoot and learned that it's not really my thing. I got my degree in photojournalism and worked at a newspaper for years, so waiting for the moment and not "making" the moment is so more my speed. Plus, when you have 20+ photographers around you, it can be a bit daunting and uncomfortable to get that "natural" shot. I did get a few images that I will share that I'm happy with. I try to immerse myself in whatever situation I'm in... whether I'm down with it or not. Regardless, it was a STUNNING location with the amazing styling of STACY CHILDERS & floral by the talented JEFF ALENCASTRA at Eternity Beach. Also, thanks to all the models who have also been put in not so comfortable places (as most were photographers), but isn't it SO good to see how our clients feel! 

Huge thanks to JENNA LEIGH for putting the entire conference together. Talk about a labor of love. I was moved to tears at least 4-5 times a day. That is what I would define as a successful learning experience. Now to get busy with all my new found knowledge! ♡♡♡