A Valentine's Day Surprise Proposal

Oh man, alive... Ryan set the bar HIGH. He had been planning this proposal to Emily for months from Canada. And he pulled it off flawlessly. Here's the story:

They officially started dating on February 14, 2014, while on a surprise trip to Whitefish and they stayed at The Lodge at Whitefish Lake. The two of them have been returning every year since. 14 is now considered their lucky number, so he planned on proposing to her at the lodge on February 14, at 14:00hrs (2pm). He contacted hotel staff and arranged with them and me to arrange where I could be hiding. I scouted out the location a few days before and we lucked out and had a sunny, warm Winter day! The only thing we didn't plan out is what I would say if I was, which was more than likely, the only person standing behind the boat house armed with cameras... hee hee. But it worked out perfectly. They walked up and looked over at me and said, "oh, excuse us", and I quickly replied, "no worries, I'm just taking photos of the lake". Ryan played cool, gave her a hug and then got down on his knee and pulled out the ring. He said some words, and I believe she forgot all about me. So I just kept shooting photos. After it sank in a little, she looked RIGHT at me and said to Ryan, "she's taking photos of us!" and he laughed and said, "I hired her". SO perfect! SO romantic. 

It took them a few to wipe their tears of joy and then we did some photos of the two of them, newly engaged. For Valentine's day, she had gifted him the wall hanging picture below... saying "Where it all began" with a map of Whitefish. Oh, how perfect! But really, she had NO IDEA. What a Valentines day! For them and for me! I loved being able to capture this moment for them and feel like I was just as nervous as Ryan must have been. Kudos to you Ryan, it was just fabulous! I wish you two endless love and happiness, and many more fun surprises in your lifetime as man and wife! 


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