Adventures with my little Gnome Baby Doll

I'm trying to cherish each and every second of this first year with Ms. Ruby Jane, but the first 4 months have already FLOWN by. I adore her to pieces and before I get crazy busy with sessions and weddings I feel I need to take advantage of some down time with her. Since she is literally attached to my hip {boob}, I plan to do many more adventures with her.

On the way down to Polson to pick our friend Martel up - I stopped at a quiet {secret} spot along the lake. I have my first wedding {elopement} June 1, and wanted to scout out the Lupine and to nurse RJ. They were gorgeous but it was raining so I decided not to be "mean mom" and stick her under an umbrella. We traveled to Missoula to see friends and go to The Violent Femmes concert at the Wilma {FUN!} and then got a few hours of sleep before heading home. I have always wanted to see The Garden of One Thousand Buddhas and Martel mentioned it and had time before having to get back to work, so we stopped. If you are ever in the area, I suggest you check it out. It was really amazing. It made me nostalgic for my time in India and Nepal. 

After dropping Martel off, we headed up the road making the timing perfect for nursing in the Lupine, ordering lunch to go from my longtime favorite {since college days- almost 20 YEARS AGO!!!??? WHAT!}  Echo Lake Cafe. I HAD to lay baby doll in the lupine and take several photos. The self-portrait of us was a bit challenging, but I'm so thankful for the one shot I got. Stay tuned for more adventures with my little Gnome Baby Doll, Ms. Ruby Jane!