The first few days of Ruby Jane

I haven't blogged in awhile and there is good reason for that. We had our little baby girl. Ruby Jane, what a wonderful name! She is absolutely amazing.

Here is a snapshot into the first days of RJ's life. {I've IG'd a lot, but these are pics from my "real" camera... a bit of a feat after a c-section... but I will be so glad I have them.}

All her FIRSTS:

Her first time being held by her Amma & Poppy {my mom and dad}, her hospital bath before we took her home, her first home bath, her big brother's first time holding her, first friends visits, her first alpine glow from our home view. &... her first knit blanket & hat from North Valley Hospitals volunteers... oh my heart bursts!!! 

Family, friends, great nurses & a great hospital make for a great experience overall. Love to you all. Our family just grew so much in LOVE & most importantly, by a 7lb. beauty called Ruby.