20 year vow renewal

This was SUCH a beautiful, inspiring & heart warming vow renewal. When Danette & I started talking, she told me they renew their vows every 10 years.

"It is a tradition that we treasure and our boys have grown up seeing these important moments, including date night. It makes family time and trips so much more special knowing that their parents really love each other. And it's so much fun. The excitement of really appreciating each other and celebrating our love is priceless." - Danette.

What an amazing & cherished tradition.

How special is this!? I knew instantly I would adore them.  They've known one another and been together for 27 years and the minute they walked into my studio to introduce themselves, I could tell they were still wild about each other. Everything about their ceremony was lovely, but one thing they did, I thought was so unique and I've never seen before. They gave their boys rings as well. They will wear them and think of the family love until they meet their special someone to give them a ring. 

You two really touched me. And I hope I captured your rare and oh so special love accurately. You ooze kindness, joy & happiness and I just gotta say, when your boys find their special love, it will be real and genuine. They sure are lucky to have such shining examples in their lives.