Sweet Baby Ellie

SO... I am a silly silly girl and drove all the way to Polson for a visit and to take pictures of the sweet Johnson family and their new two-month old bundle Ellie... and I got all the way there with my E in tow & all my camera lenses, but no CAMERA. Old age is getting to me. Anyways, I was devastated because I really wanted my camera with my lenses to capture this cutie. Low and behold, Erik had a camera, and I thought it was a Nikon {which for you non-photographers would be awesome because that would mean I could use my lenses and have a great idea how to work the camera}. But no, it was a Canon. For those of you who shoot, you know there is a BIG difference between the two and the only lens he had was a 70-200mm. I made it somewhat work, but look for another blog once I have the gear I'm comfortable with. 

Anyways, E is such a sweet peanut and E&M are doing such an amazing job loving and being new parents.

I'm so in love, whether I photograph her with Nikon or Canon. ;)