The saddest part of moving my studio

It's official ---- Yesterday was the move day. There are a lot of mixed emotions that go along with my moving from Railway... but most of all, sadness comes from leaving Becky & Harlow. It's a bit of an end of an era situation. We opened at the same time, have done SO many amazingly fun shoots together here, thrown so many fun parties. Where am I going to go when I need a break from editing? Maybe I will become more fit and walk down for my daily visit and see what's new in the store. Regardless, we will continue to still be fun & silly together, do fun shoots and throw some amazing parties. Thanks for ALL the amazing memories. 

I had to set my camera on a timer and capture our silliness and love for one another. I will still continue to give you the gift of photos for clothes ;) 

Cheers to the next era! I love you BECKY!!!