Mr. Frankie = the sweetest smiles

This weekend I first got to go to my dear friend Martel's baby shower, then I decided to take Everett down to Missoula to visit little Frankie & Family. Frankie is the CUTEST... so many smiles and such a good baby. A&P are the best parents to him. Last time I came to help and didn't take many photos, but this time while Patrick and Everett played super heros, I got a few shots in. {and E who is becoming QUITE the photographer snuck in one at the end of me. He also captured the baby shower in polaroids... I'm one proud photographer mama!}

Frankie, I know you can't help it, but please don't grow up too fast!!! I will definitely be making my way down for more snuggles, giggles, cuddles and sweet smiles from you.