Lovely & Lively Lydia

Lovely Lydia... I just adore this girl. We met because she is a fellow Harlot aka Harlow Lady. I can't say enough about her and the fellow harlots... they keep me feeling young & fun!  Anyways, this particular Harlot is not only a beauty, as you can clearly see, but she is wicked smart and talented... and a lot of fun. Silly as silly can be. She's about to embark on a study abroad program in Budapest. I'm so excited for her and a little bit jealous of her grand adventure.

We did this shoot just for fun & because she's never really had a shoot focusing on HER (which everyone needs). We had so much fun and I realized how much I need this for my own creative mind. Can't wait to hear about your adventures abroad lovely lady!!! Oh, and your pretty bad ass for JUST having your wisdom teeth out just a week before this shoot. 

*Majority of the wardrobe from HARLOW and stunning necklace at the beginning from Feral-Stone and majority of my props found at Vintage Whites Market (I'm obsessed!) and the cute driftwood snowflakes from Sappari