Sydni + Scott 8.30.14 {Whitefish Wedding}

I find myself super emotional while putting together this blog. I am MORE than honored that the amazing Gunlikson Family had me capture all THREE of their girls wedding days. {I will miss your family and expect to be invited to family events and get togethers now, ;), as I feel so part of your beautiful family.} Sydni + Scott's wedding was just as gorgeous as the other 2 weddings. The way Sydni looks at Scott, makes my heart melt. Their day was filled with an abundance of laugher, tears of joy and SO MUCH LOVE. 

Syd & Scoot, you two are the MOST KIND HEARTED people I have ever met.  Your day was filled with sign after sign of good luck... your marriage will absolutely be lucky in love. Thank you for having me capture it. Enjoy this beautiful day all over again. 


OH, and I can't forget to mention that I had a DREAM PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM for their wedding. I had the pleasure of shooting with both Hope Kauffman Photography and Michael Alexander Photography. {although none of their fab photos were used in this blog as they are off on the road...} Thank so much you two! I will miss you.