A baby boy for these two KIND&BEAUTIFUL souls

Addie & Patrick have always been one the couples I look at and admire. They are coming up on their 8th year Anniversary, and still look at one another with so much love and affection. Addie & I have been through some of the best of times, and worst of times together. We met freshman year in college (at U of M)  and I must say, I have some of the GREATEST, MOST FUN,  and FUNNIEST memories of our college years together.  We share the same humor and can literally just look at one another and start giggling. Hot tub WOO!  (we have WAY too many inside jokes!) She couldn't be a better friend and I'm so blessed that our friendship has stayed so strong throughout the years.  I can't imagine what my years would have been like in Missoula without you Addie. 

Now Addie & Patrick are embarking on parenthood and are overjoyed about it. They are going to make such wonderful parents. I can't wait to meet little bambino Murphy ... he's going to be one lucky babe to have these two as parents. 

I love you THREE so much. 


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