Skylar & Macy {2015 SENIORS}

I did Skylar & Macy's older sister Alexa's senior pictures a couple years ago... So I was thrilled when they asked me to do the twins. They come up from Billings every summer for a few weeks to enjoy the lake. I took them on quite the adventure ;).... not thinking, I took them to Whitefish Trails to find this big beautiful tree. I forgot it was a bit of haul in and then...

Near sunset, in the woods = LOTS OF MOSQUITOS!

Whoops... Thanks for being so adventurous + hiking in books, outfits and getting bit by those little pesky things! Then hit the lake for the most gorgeous time of day. The twins both love reading, music, movies --- and DEFINITELY will go to the same college to not be split up. The twin bond.... I can only imagine how incredible it must be. 

You two are SO adorable... I can't get over it. Thanks for being so adventurous + beautiful. I adore your sweet family and can't wait to see what adventures/achievements you will make in your futures! 


The lake right before we left--- "no filter" ;)