Sweet Family, Sweet Staff, Sweet Friends ---Sweet Peaks

First off... we celebrated the littlest Sweet Peaks family member's FIRST birthday--- then we took photos of friends eating the yummiest ice-cream in the WORLD. It really was the MOST ADORABLE SHOOT --- EVAH! Kids eating ice-cream? Really doesn't get much better. And a certain little someone stole the show. You'll see who I'm talking about...

I am so thankful to what Sweet Peaks Ice-Cream has brought to our community. We are so lucky to have such a wonderfully run, nice friendly staffed, good hard working small biz family and best of all --- AMAZINGLY delicious and inventive ice-cream in the valley and beyond. I am also so thankful to know and LOVE all the people who participated in this shoot.  

Thank you Sweet Peaks, for all that you do & all that you are. 


The definition of unconditional love: hugging a chocolate filled boy to comfort him. LOVE.