Dina&Ken 7.19.14 {Whitefish Wedding}

What a LOVE FEST this wedding was. I had a last minute cancelation on a wedding for this day, and Ken contacted me at the perfect time (about a month before). Serendipitous.

I met with him and Dina and instantly knew we'd be a good fit. Dina & Ken are both such kind hearted, fun loving souls. And Dina... as you will see in these photos--- is the most emotional, sensitive & caring woman. So beautiful.

Ken told me they were thinking of building a moon photo booth.... and boy did they. It was by far the coolest photo booth I have ever seen. Their wedding had a moon theme and Dina and her sister's sang the sweetest moon song, "My Sweetheart's the Man in the Moon" in remembrance of their beloved father who has passed. Their dogs were well behaved and by their sides the entire day. 

All in all it was a day of LOVE, HAPPINESS, TEARS, GENUINE JOY, LAUGHTER, and from what I heard later on--- AN EPIC PARTY!!!! What a celebration and love and life. Dina & Ken, you guys know how to through a wedding! Thanks so much for having Hope Kauffman Photography and I capture it. I'm so blessed to have met and know you two amazing souls.


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