5-years Trash the Dress

When Lauren called and told me that A: her Vera Wang dress was ruined after their gorgeous wedding EXACTLY 5 years ago TODAY and B: that she wanted to do a 5-year Trash the dress session, I was like, "sign me up!"

I love that she wasn't afraid to let it get trashed more--- and best of all, her son and husband were going to be the ones to trash it. We started with just a few portraits- pre-paint --- then the fun began.

Brittan and little J started with the "color blaster". Lauren got some payback and then we had powdered paint to finish the job. We laughed so much and had such a great time. Seriously, the BEST. They all waded in the water, but Lauren couldn't go too far because the weight of that dress when wet was SO HEAVY --- wow! Brittan showed off his back flip skills, then gave his wife the sweetest, wet hug. 

I adore this sweet family and feel so lucky to have been able to capture their gorgeous wedding on Big Mountain 5 years ago. Who knew 5 years from that epic wedding day, we'd be shooting them with little J trashing mama's dress. 

Enjoy. Happy Anniversary you two!!! SUCH a fun and beautiful shoot. And Lauren, you are simply RADIANT.