Kristen + her beauties

Two things . . . 

These images may make your heart ache . . . they did mine.

These images may make you want little girls . . . I do now. 100% 

Kristen and her girls came in, were so well behaved and HAPPY, and we had such a fun, genuine, beautiful shoot. Gorgeous. 

Thank you so much for being in these photos with your girls. They will for sure thank you later in life. You are truly blessed with your trifecta of LOVELY!!!


* * * These next 10 or so blogs are going to be my Mama Mini's --- They were SO much fun.  A HUGE THANK YOU to Rae (1/2 the creative master from Twig&Gather) for her help styling with her amazing props. If anyone needs their wedding/part styled, Twig & Gather is the place to go.