Michelle & Sweet Family

I know I say this a lot, but I adore this family. I love this about my job. I get to know all these AMAZING families. The first two in this blog are a little behind the scenes. I always wish I had a 2nd shooter just to take the pictures of the other family members trying their hardest to make the others smile and laugh... LOVE. So silly.

Thanks so much for the laughs. It took a lot of this "behind the scene silliness", but I think we ended up with some great ones. 


* * * These next, or passed, 10 or so blogs are my Mama Mini's --- They were SO much fun.  A HUGE THANK YOU to Rae (1/2 the creative master from Twig&Gather) for her help styling with her amazing props. If anyone needs their wedding/party styled, Twig & Gather is the place to go. 

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