Amelie & her little book worms

I love this family. I had the pleasure to shoot Beautiful Amelie and Toby when Elsie was still in belly and hadn't really spent much time with them since. It's amazing to see what beautiful children they've become. One of the favorite things about my job. They are a family of adventure and books & man I adore these pics of them. 

Amelie also came prepared for Father's day. Happy Father's day to you- Jason, and all you other wonderful daddy's out there. We love you so much and couldn't do it without you. 

Amelie just started a new book blog--- all you book worms, check it out here:


* * * These next, or passed, 10 or so blogs are my Mama Mini's --- They were SO much fun.  A HUGE THANK YOU to Rae (1/2 the creative master from Twig&Gather) for her help styling with her amazing props. If anyone needs their wedding/party styled, Twig & Gather is the place to go.