Maia & her beautiful, adventurous kiddos

These three... OMG. So cute. This was actually my first shoot from my mini sessions and there were just so many to narrow down, that I am just now blogging. Style, freckles, adventure, blue-eyes, tea parties . . . what is better than all those things? Maia {the mama} is AMAZING and so inspiring to me because her husband works out of town/ out of COUNTRY, for MONTHS at a time. She is such a great, loving, fun, patient and creative mama. I admire that so much.

Thanks for the amazing NOT so mini- mini mama sess ;) I am so grateful to know your sweet family and to have I&B in E's life. 


* * * These next, or passed, 10 or so blogs are my Mama Mini's --- They were SO much fun.  A HUGE THANK YOU to Rae (1/2 the creative master from Twig&Gather) for her help styling with her amazing props. If anyone needs their wedding/party styled, Twig & Gather is the place to go.