Erik + Martel 10.11.14 {Polson MT Wedding}

Erik + Martel's wedding was a super special one for me because :

A: It was my last wedding of a wonderful wedding season.

B: My handsome husband was in it and our friend Tom watched E so I could enjoy my time after {and my birthday the next day.}

C: E+M are two of my most favorite people. I love and adore them. I'm so thankful my husband has such a wonderful, supportive friend in Erik and couldn't have loved getting to know Martel more these last few years. 


D: They had the BEST cake cutting I have ever photographed. Never has there been so much emotion, beauty, surprise, anticipation & love in a cake cutting. Martel is 23 weeks pregnant and a week before their wedding they got to find out the gender of baby by the Doc writing it down on a sheet and sealing it in an envelope. Martel's wonderful mom was the only one who knew the gender, and made the cake with either BLUE or RED frosting. You will see below the result. It was magical. 

Erik + Marty, I enjoyed your day enormously. Your friends and family were so much fun and did SUCH an amazing job on your DIY wedding. Although the weather was threatening, it couldn't have been more perfect timed. Sun at the end of the ceremony, rainbows and no big winds until later in the evening when we were tucked under the tent celebrating you two BEAUTIFUL souls. So happy you found one another.