My last baby turns 1!!!

For Ruby Janes big brother E's first birthday, we threw a similar bash at our home but were fortunate enough to have E's great grandmother, Keith's mom, and my mom attend, along with a few friends. This time around, no family, but a lot of friends. At E's party I had time to take portraits of everyone there, details of party, etc. Not so much this time.  But that too, is okay. A lot of friends with KIDS. Funny how things change! We had more kiddos than adults, but it was so much fun. A chocolate frosting everywhere kind of fun!

I made the traditional Lamb cake my mom used to make for us. (After 3 tries, I got it just right!) RJ didn't go right for it so I broke off an ear and she instantly gobbled that ear down, then the chocolate cupcake came her way... and she found LOVE. It was serious cute & serious mess, but so worth it. Thanks to all of those who helped out and loved on this sweet baby and us this last year. It means the world to us. It wasn't always easy (my emergency gallbladder surgery 3 months into her life through a few hard punches at us), but like I said, if not for an amazing friend and family support, it would have been a lot harder. A HUGE shout out to G for the milk supply while I was down and out! HUGE! 

We are so blessed to have this little cherub in our lives. I look forward to all the fun, laughter, tears, milestones, moments & love to come! 


After she got cleaned up and put in a new dress, her sugar crash kicked in. Turn out the lights, the parties over! 

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