The Birth of Iris Kai

This was such a magical, amazing miracle to capture. The birth of Iris Kai. Mama and I have been friends since our college days, so it made it even more special to know mama and family. I got to be in the same OR room (but in a VERY different position), almost a year to date of my Ruby Jane. Mama was calm, brave, beautiful and so laid back. Daddy was mellow, even had some time to read up on some light hospital reading before we were sent down. He got to cut hold mama's hand while they cleaned up Iris and checked her out and then he cut the cord. Mama held sweet Iris for the first time while the docs patched her up, then daddy got to carry baby back to the recovery room to wait the arrival of her big brother, Ollie. The hospital staff, all amazing, caring and knowledgeable. This all happened within a few hours, while the snow came dumping down! (SO much snow came down the day you were born, Iris Kai! Yet, things went smoothly and right on time.)

Enjoy this gorgeous girl entering life in these pictures. Iris Kai, you have so much love in your life, and I'm so honored I got to witness you enter the world. (And I wasn't sure I could handle a birth, emotionally and physically, but after this, I'm ready for more!) 


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