Mi Familia!

My mom and dad left today after being here for the month of July... which makes me pretty sad. But, for once even though busy with photo work, I took the time to take some portraits of them and my kids and my brother and his kids.  

It was wonderful to have them here and for E & RJ to get to hang out with their Amma & Poppy (e's name for them.) While they were here they had many visitors, celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary (two more years for the BIG ONE!), fed us many yummy dinners at their place, got to go to Alpine Theatre Company's wonderful plays, and best of all got to hang out with 2/3 of their kids and 5/7 of their grandkids. Wish this could happen more often, but I will take & cherish what time we get. Until we meet again! Love you guys. 


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