W&R are having a baby!!!

What an amazing setting! The colors, the subjects, the dogs... and the cows!!!??? Loved everything about this sweet session with Wendy & Ryan on the banks of the Flathead River. They are expecting a boy at the end of August and I couldn't be more excited for them. Can't wait to meet that beautiful babe! Much love!


A Glacier Adventure Engagement- {Kevin & Samantha}

I was hired by Samantha's sister to shoot engagement photos of this lovely duo while they were vacationing in Montana. It was pretty dang magical. We lucked out on the weather, the light, the beargrass blooms and the ice-cream (as it stayed open a little later than normal!) K&S went horseback riding, hiked and enjoyed their engagement trip exploring and relaxing. What a wonderful couple and a beautiful gift. I had SO much fun with you two! I wish you luck in your wedding planning & future as man and wife. 


This is Us {personal blog}

I make sure to get our family photos done once or twice a year. Not only because I think it's important my kiddos see ME in with them and they grow so quickly and I love to document moments, but because it reminds me of how stressful it can be preparing and doing an actual photo session. Also, it's challenging to see yourself in photos sometimes. Just like it is to hear your voice in recordings. I always picture myself differently. 

It's HARD you guys! I see that! It's a lot of pressure. What to wear? Where to do it? Have my kids had proper baths, haircuts, naps, snacks... etc. etc!? When I asked Marianne Wiest Photography to do our photos, she threw out a day and I said YES. I then called my hairdresser as I forgot to schedule my haircut last time I saw her (big mistake as she's always months out). BUT, it just so serendipitously ended up being on our scheduled photo date! So I was taken care of. Blow out and cut, but not my greys, but I'm learning to embrace that. 

Rj didn't nap this day. And she ALWAYS naps. So I figured we were in for some struggles. She was in the rarest form and by the end of the shoot, I felt defeated and thought we had nothing. E was having a tough time focussing and listening as well. But like I always tell my clients, you'll be surprised. And Marianne did the same, and I was so pleasantly surprised! With all her fits, I was tickled beyond belief at the results. The real us. This is us. On our land. In our home. All our loves. Thank you Marianne! We LOVE them! Fits MOST of all! 


Momo is 1 and is SOOOO loved

If you follow me and my work, you've seen this family a lot. Almost as much as my own. I love them like my own. And sweet momo just turned 1-year and she really could not be ONE ounce cuter. Enjoy this adorable, incredible, HARD working family!!! {and know there is a lot... because they ALL are that cute!!!}


Bergland kiddos {+mama}

These kiddos. The cutest. We had them over to thank them for the liquid gold (breastmilk) Glenna so graciously donated last year after I had my emergency surgery. Feel blessed to have her and these kiddos in our lives. And thankful I finally got to repay her with some sweet snaps of her even sweeter kiddos. THEIR EYES + FRECKLES SLAY ME!!! And if your kid is obsessed with Cailou, they may just need to meet Stuey! 


Mama to be- Emily

I'm so thrilled for my great friend Emily and Adrian. In a few short weeks they will be welcoming a sweet baby boy into their world. Blessed to have them in our lives. Can't wait to meet him, you two are going to be the best parents! Emily, you glow with beauty, kindness and love. 


Memorial Day Weekend

Summers can be busy for me. My busiest time of the year, for sure. So we made sure to take off Memorial Day weekend, since I didn't have a wedding and spend some time walking in the wildflowers and splashing in Flathead Lake. Love this sweet crew of mine! Happy Summer y'all! Get ready for weddings, engagements, elopements, senior shoots and some fun family shoots! 


CO. Sessions- The Revielle Family

For my 5th and final Colorado session, I got to photograph a girl I used to nanny for in high school. I watched her and her brother for 2 summers, taking them to the Boulder Reservoir in my moms VW convertible bug, to the pool and many more fun adventures... those were the days! It was so heartwarming to see her now all grown up (as the last time I think I saw her was when I was in HS! 21+ years!) and with a family of her own. Two sweet boys, a loving husband and one more kiddo on the way in October. So wonderful. I loved every second of this shoot, and wished I could stay longer and catch up. So thankful my "job" allows me to experience these things! 

Loved seeing you Signe and love your sweet family! Wishing you a fun CO. summer with your boys!!!


CO. Sessions- Newborn Marley & family

I loved getting to meet my friends Matt and Jamie's new addition, sweet baby Marley. She is just too cute and they are such naturals at parenting. We had a fun little session in their sweet home with their family of 5 (2 4-legged friends). LOVE you guys so much. Can't wait to see Marly and RJ make outdoor MT. memories! 


CO. Sessions- Julie & Family

When Julie suggested doing our session in this adorable little town called Prospect in Longmont, I said, heck yes! It was such a bright, colorful & vibrant place to shoot.And such a equally bright & beautiful family. Love this sweet session!


CO. Sessions- Allen Family

Oh these CUTIES!!! I've been friends with the Allen Family my whole life. I remember going over to their Christmas Eve parties after church as a little girl... and just wanting to go home and open gifts :). Chris Allen's parents (not the grandma and grandpa pictured) are great friends to my parents and it was such a joy to see how this family has grown and to meet Jenna's parents. Their relationship with these grandkids melter my heart. So much love. And really, just SO much cuteness... so know that I couldn't cut the blog down! 

C&J, love your sweet sweet family and had so much fun capturing all the cuteness and love! 


CO. Sessions- Owen/Murphy Crew

My Colorado sessions were so much fun! It was so fun to see old friends, shoot new places, and anticipate the photos (as I didn't have my computer with me.) Well, the wait was tough, but so worth it. 

This first session was a blast. This is my niece and nephew's cousins/aunt and uncle/ and grandma and grandpa! I see so much of them in the kiddos. We laughed a lot and had a wonderful time capturing their cuteness/handsomeness ;) 


Little Ms. Parker

Oh baby faces... they are THE BEST. And Ms. Parker is the cutest! I loved capturing her with her four-legged sis, Fenway and her mama and dad. All you need is love, and Parker has heaps of it.  β€β€β€


My Muse and her sweet siblings

Oh, how I adore this family. So sweet, silly, stylish and just plain CUTE. These pics are all just too cute not to share... and I included a lot because I mean come on... CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! {and Rj wanted to be part of the cute... so she popped in for a few frames near the end}


Summer Cabaret- Train Kids

Oh, how I love this crew and the PURE talent, love, and laughter they bring to this valley. Can't wait for their summer Cabaret- Train Kids. If you've never seen them... whatcha waiting for?! You are missing out. But this summer you will have plenty opportunity not to be left out. Every Sunday at Great Northern Bar starting July 9th.


Space Pilates

I had the pleasure to capture Perrey in her "space," Space, with her talented group of instructors. What space it is! Perrey and her instructors are so dedicated with such a passion for pilates. Their classes have a great flow to them and are helping this mama loose some baby fat! I have fallen in LOVE with Pilates! 


Miss Holland at home

This little one... oh my. The sweetest. Ben and Marya are the most natural, born ready to parent parents. I loved capturing them with this adorable little angel girl. Thank you for letting me into your sweet little world. 


Beautiful mama to be- Katrina & family

This beautiful mama to be was so strong as we had all the elements of weather for her session. Wind, cold, sun, clouds & even snow. But she smiled throughout and glowed in her beauty.  So excited for you and Blaine and the pups to welcome a sweet lady into your lives. She will be smothered with love (and maybe a little drool), lucky lady. β™‘


The Birth of Miss Holland Morrow

This was one of the most amazing experiences (besides my own children's births). We had talked about me shooting the entrance of Marya & Ben's daughter before hand. We decided to just stay in touch and sure enough, I forgot to say the ONE day that may not work for me... would be March 24, as it was my sons 7th birthday. That evening I got a call from Ben around 1:30 a.m. I was devastated because I wanted to make sure I was home for my son when he woke up on his big day.

So I texted Ben to see how close she was (because as many of you may know, babies don't always come when you want them to!) He said she was 8 cm and the Doctor thought she'd be making an entrance in the next couple hours. So I sprung out of bed, threw some clothes on, texted my husband not to worry if he woke up and I was not there. I drove to Kalispell and on the drive there I saw THE BIGGEST shooting star. I made a wish.

I got to the hospital and they were just about to have her start pushing. Marya (mama) was beyond strong, calm and funny! So sweet. She kept apologizing for this and that, which made us giggle as she had nothing to apologize for. Ben (daddy) was so supportive, sweet and attentive. The nurse and doctor were brilliant as well. Mama pushed through the contractions and about an hour and 1/2 after I arrived, out came Miss Holland! Face up! Tough mama! It was incredible.

The photos tell the story better than I can, so take a look. And my wish came true. I wished for Marya and Ben that baby and mama would be healthy and ok. β™‘ So much love.  And I made it home to see my excited 7-year-old on his birthday! I will never forget E's 7th birthday! Love you guys so much and THANK YOU for having me capture such a special moment in your life. I'm a lucky lady. First, your wedding day then portraits... then the birth of your blessed, beautiful daughter.